Apply For Funding


Your project must come under 1 or more of the following heading: Education, Health, Rural Development/Sustainable Agriculture and Disaster Relief Response.

Your project must be community focused and based in the Global South (Bishops’ Appeal has funded some emergency responses elsewhere but this is not considered our primary remit).

Funding applications can range from €100 – €20,000 or £100 – £20,000. Where possible (if you have access to both euro and sterling accounts) give the amount request in both currencies.

The Bishops’ Appeal fund cannot carry out the monitoring and evaluation processes on its own and so partners with NGOs and mission agencies who support local communities and can provide updates and reports. If you are not one of our partner agencies, (see ‘Who we are’ for main list), you can request one of them to collaborate with you in order that you might apply. For example, if you are a diocese wishing to run a literacy programme, perhaps you can contact Mothers’ Union, CMS Ireland, Tearfund Ireland etc., to apply on your behalf and support/monitor your progress.

Application Process:

Applicants fill out a summary page (Click To Download Summary Page) and provide 4 pages of information on the project including a budget. This should all form one document. Applications without a summary page will not be considered.

Photographs should not be used in applications but can be sent as separate files for use by Bishops’ Appeal if the application is successful.

Applications should then be emailed to

You will not necessarily receive a receipt of application.

Applications will be considered 5 – 6 times per year. Any application that fulfils the above requirements that is emailed 2 and a half weeks in advance of a meeting will be considered at that meeting. Any applications sent later, will be considered at the next meeting.

Upcoming 2018 meeting dates are:

11th June / 17th September / 19th November

Successful applicants will receive email confirmation of funding granted within a week of the meeting. Deferred or unsuccessful applicants will also be notified. Several procedures must be put in place before funds can be released. These can take 2 – 8 weeks.

More Fundraising Ideas

  • Coffee Mornings
  • Bucket Collections
  • Donations for seeds during Harvest
  • ‘Live on Less’ campaign for Lent
  • Homelessness Appeal for Advent (for people displaced in Ireland and overseas)
  • Coin collections/smartie tube coin collections
  • Church collections for specific projects or appeals
  • Charity Concert

Speak Out

  • For Advocacy Campaigns that you and your parish can engage with, see our ‘Advocacy’ area.
  • For Sermon/Talk Ideas, see our Talks, Sermons & Articles section of our ‘Educate’ area.
  • For more information on Justice Issues, see Development Education and the Resources sections in our ‘Educate’ area.